Our Buying Process
Information To Look For Before Buying:
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The Product picturer are actual product images taken by the Precared team at our facility.
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Check the Star rating for every product. This denoted the Used condition things. Click here for more informaion on Used condition ratings.
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Add to Cart
We collect products, refurbish them, research and
the certify every product.
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Complete Process
The pricing is decided by based on products
condition, category and current price
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Select Payment Option
The customer can either approve or recall the
product after in-hand prices are shared. If
recalled the product is sent back without any charges.
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Order Completed
If price is approved, the promised in-hand amount is
transferred in the bank accounts after the product is sold.
Do lower star ratings mean the products are damaged?
No, WE DO NOT list unsafe and damaged products. Every product listed on our website is safe for the entire life cycle. For e.g. if a stroller is meant to be used for 2 to 3 years, then even a 2 star rated product will last that period. Lower ratings mean that the product will look very old and will have signs of wear like scratches, marks, fading etc.
Are the pictures shown of actual product?
Yes, all the products are stored at our central facility and the pictures are of actual products taken by Precared team.
Why do the pictures look so good when these are used products?
We take picturess with a standard background and hence these look good. If you look closely at the images you will see usage effects depending on star ratings. As it is difficult to capture usage condition accurately we benchmark them on a scale of 5 stars and we recommend you to check star ratings for every product.
The pics look good though the star ratings are low, How to decide?
We recommend you to check star ratings for every product and decide based upon these.
How are the products sanitised, are they safe?
We have process to sanitize the product as these come from a prior usage for an unknown source and we use White Vinegar, Washing, and Steam, we do not use any chemicals as these products are used by new-born and infants
Why are stains mentioned on the product description, if the products are sanitized?
There are many stains which cannot be removed without damaging the fabric. As these stains are normally caused by Food, Moisture, Dust (Normally parents do not wash thoroughly before storing a product which goes out of use). Hence we mention these to maintain complete transparency.
Will the seller contact me directly; is it safe to share my contacts
Precared is a private secondhand concept and your details are not shared. Our customer service team calls you to confirm the order before shipping. It is very safe to add your details while placing the order
Are the prices negotiable?
No, they are not negotiable. We are open to change prices if you point out any discrepancy in pricing. But we do not negotiate
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