Our Selling Process
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Collect product from customer
We collect products, refurbish them, research and
the certify every product.
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Give Product Quote
The pricing is decided by based on products
condition, category and current price
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Customer decides
The customer can either approve or recall the
product after in-hand prices are shared. If
recalled the product is sent back without any charges.
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Credit Amount
If price is approved, the promised in-hand amount is
transferred in the bank accounts after the product is sold.
How We Sanitize
Cleaning a used Medala Breast Pump
Sanitizing a baby Stroller
Sanitizing Toys
How It Works
  • The Product remains with Precared till it is sold out or recalled.
  • we own the complete responsibility of the product till they are with us or in transit.
  • The seller can track and control her products live on her mobile using either our website or App.
Please find some screenshots here to understand how you can track your listings
People who have viewed this product
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Price breakdown
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A summery of the total amount earned
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Do you pay upfront?
No, we are a marketplace and the payment is made after collection of the payment from the buyer of your products.
Can we get paid in cash?
Sorry No, we make payment only to individual savings bank accounts after the product is sold.
Do you keep the products with you till it is sold?
Yes, every product listed on the website has to be with us till sold.
Which cities do you offer the service for sellers?
We offer doorstep pick up services across MMR (Mumbai region). For other cities we offer courier pickups but the product has to be properly packed by the seller.
How can we trust you with our products?
We have our presence since 2012 and have helped more than 12000 customers to sell their products. We offer a live tracking of your products simply by logging in through your phone/tab.
Who decides the price?
The team at Precared decides the price. We do not entertain any negotiation from either the Seller or Buyer on our platform. We give you the total breakup of what you get in your hand for each individual product and you can then approve or Recall the products by a click of a button on your phone/tab.
What if I want my product back?
You can recall the product during the entire process through a single click on your phone and we will ship it back within 3 to 4 working days.
Do I pay the charges of the product being picked up or returned back to me?
No, all these costs are on us. We never ask a customer to pay us, we charge commissions and charges only from the sales proceed. Meaning if we do not sell your product we do not charge you anything.
What if the product is damaged or lost?
A product once collected is our responsibility. We will either return the product in same condition or pay you the value promised.
Do I need to talk and close the deal with the buyer?
No, once the product is picked up, the amount will be transferred into your bank account. This is a private marketplace.
What if the product is not sold, how long does Precared keeps it?
Very rarely would a product remain unsold on our platform. If the product remains unsold for very long we can consult with you to reduce the prices further to enable a sale, you can also decide if you want to reduce the price or recall the product.
What is the average time for the entire process to be completed?
This varies from categories, product condition, pricing range etc. Generally it takes between 3 to 8 weeks for the process to be completed for 80% of the products on our website.
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