Philips Avent Microwave Steam Steriliser

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Product description

The Philips AVENT Microwave Sterilizer has been designed to fit most microwaves in the market. Its small size makes it convenient for travel, ensuring that you always have a sterile bottle when you are going on a short overnight trip or on a longer holiday abroad. Also ideal as an extra sterilizer for the grandparents' house

Effective Steam Sterilization

It is very essential to protect your baby from harmful bacteria that might contaminate the soothers, breast pumps and feeding bottles after use. Philips Avent bottle sterilizer is an effective means of steam sterilization and renders extra protection to your little one. It is easy to use, ultra fast and very useful in sterilizing bottles in just two minutes. Philips bottle sterilizer is BPA free and kills 99.9 percent harmful bacteria and germs with natural steam sterilization. This sterilizer fits most microwaves and is extremely lightweight and compact, which makes it convenient for travel. With side grips, the lid gets securely closed and ensures easy and safe handling.

Smart Choice for Indoor or Travel Use

This Philips Avent Steam Sterilizer operates at a higher temperature compared to dishwashers and keeps the contents sterile for nearly 24 hours if the lid is not opened. Ideal for use at home or outdoors, it is a smart choice to help your tiny tots stay away from harmful bacteria till they gain a strong immune system. You can buy baby bottle sterilizer for your little one or even gift dear ones who would need it for their new baby at home. It is the most sophisticated sterilizer and ensures that you will have a clean bottle at hand every time you need to feed your baby.

  • Travel size sterilizer
  • Sterilization Time: 2 minutes
  • BPA-free material
  • Kills 99 percent of germs
  • Ideal size for microwaves
  • Side grips secure the lid firmly
  • Water Capacity: 200 ml
  • Stage: 0 to 6 months
  • Includes one microwave steam sterilizer and tongs


Avent Philips

Our used star rating

The used star rating system is a process we have developed in-house stemming from our experience of how patrons view secondhand.

There are several factors taken into account by our team when calculating the used star rating: life of the valuable, number of ocassion it was used and its impact on the product, quality of the material, quality of the product, brand, and defects, if any.

  • 5 Stars signifies that the product has not been used/ or used rarely, and in mint condition
  • 4.5 Stars signifies that the product has been used very sparingly, with minimum wear and tear
  • From 4 to 0, it signifies the amount of wear and tear with 0 being extremely used condition

Note : This rating has no bearing on the functionality of the product. We ensure that the basic function of all the products is intact and any specific attention required is mentioned in the Description tab.

If the product is listed on our website, it can be used without worry of its safety.


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Why secondhand

“I’m really interested in fashion but at the same time I find it quite competitive. Secondhand stuff leaves you more open to whatever your own personal style is rather than being dictated to by shops” – said Sophie Ellis-Bextor, prominent English singer, songwriter, model and DJ.

Gently used, preloved, pre-owned – secondhand. Look at it any way, it is a brilliant buy and a conscious laudable decision.

A party dress that your little one has outgrown?

Impulsive buys that are not your style?

Gifted home accessories that don’t match?

What do you do with all these valuables?

Passing on our lesser used apparels and accessories, or even other valuables, has been a part of our culture for long. Usually, it is a sibling or cousin or even an informal circulating system within our friend circle that enjoys the perks of our wardrobe.

At PreCared, we are trying to bring structure to this age-old tradition of ensuring every valuable lives its entire life before being relegated to the back of the wardrobe. We assist you resell your apparels and accessories.

Our studies have shown that almost 30% of products in a woman or child’s wardrobe are not used more than once or twice – and thus they have great value left in them. What better way to conserve the resources that have gone into making it than reselling it.

Breathe a new lease of life into your wardrobe, and discover treasures from some others’.


Why PreCared

“A worried mother does better research than the FBI” goes the adage. And such mothers have trusted us with their newborns and toddlers for three years now. That should say something!

Having begun with baby products, we value hygiene, safety and quality above all else. So much so, we return almost 70% of the products that are shipped to our facilities! This is inclusive of baby, style and furnishings.

Our team of merchandiers and fabric & accessory experts come with decades of experience in this industry. And it is with such an in-house panel that we carry out the entire process of intense quality audit, pricing and listing before it flashes on your screen.

And, in spite, of all this if you are not satisfied with what comes home, we have a 100% refund policy too.


Our quality checks

Over years, we have built our own auditing and sanitisation processes.

We have stringent processes in place for returning back products that we don’t see value in reselling. We believe that certain products deserve only to be given away, and not sold.

Baby products are picked up by us from patrons’ doorsteps. Hence, a preliminary check is conducted immediately. Thereafter, our team of quality experts conduct a thorough check at the warehouse to verify safety of the product before we accept it.

Similarly, our team of style experts verify the value of any valuable we receive – in terms of relevance, fabric quality, current market value and usability before we accept these.

Shipping and pick-up

PreCared currently ships to all states across the country, other than Kerala. We ship on all days except Sundays and Public Holidays.

The standard period of shipping is between four to 10 working days depending on the location.

The details of shipment will be mailed to you on the address provided by you while booking. If you don’t receive the details within 24 hrs of your booking please check your spam/bulk folders or else contact us.

In case of a pick-up from your address, the packing bags along with instructions to pack will be couriered to you. Once the package is ready to be despatched, the shipping agent is informed and an appointment is scheduled as per your convenience.

Please note that the shipping agent will only collect it from your residence. They will not be able to assist in packing or take responsibility for it.



The period for notifying us about return for this category is 10 days. This is from the day the product is delivered at your place. We refund 100% cash withpout any deductions.


Your inform us,We call you to understand the problem.

This is only to ascertain that we have given the baby enough time to get adjusted with the new product especially. On some occasions not spending enough time,lack of instructions or some misunderstanding on the product function may make you feel that the product is not right. Allow us to address your concerns.And if you still feel that you are not happy with the product then we will refund you 100%.

We request you to pack the product as received.We arrange for pick-up, We process refunds. 

Please note : You may also adjust the amount towards your next purchase.

Our pricing process:

Our pricing defines Actual product price (MRP) and Precared price.

Actual product price (MRP):

Our team for fashion and baby products swing into action once a product is accepted. Through a rigorous and minute analysis of current market trends, the base price is arrived at. The qualty of fabric and work on the valuable, used rating of the product, pricing on brand websites and special price offers on others are combined by our algorithm to set the listing price.

Fo e.g if a product is sold at a 30% discount across different channels and for a major part of the year, then we will take that as the base price. Similarly we include OVERSTOCK, Periodic sale etc in our assesment of Base price. Hence the MRP mentioned on is not actual product MRP but a discounted value after the above research.

For customised and Non branded premium products, we have fashion experts who based on the material, work,and style quotient arrive at the Base price.

Precared price:

After concluding the Base price, our algorithm then accounts for the product condition, brand popularity,category demand, and many other aspects to arrive at Precared price.

This eventually means that for varying categories you can also grab a 5 Star rated product for appx 20% of the product MRP.

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